If I am the God of the Daleks.....What does that make you?

Date:2009-04-06 06:08
Mood: curious
Between Facebook, Twitter, the death of Scans_Daily, and my departure from that horrid 00 community, I find fewer and fewer reasons to log into this place.

Any one alive here?
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Date:2009-02-02 22:08
Subject:Interesting Times..
Mood: nostalgic
...and by interesting, I mean not so much.

Nothing really changes over here. I go to work. I see chow. There are videogames in there somewhere. The end.

I've finished most of my tax work (yay for quick and painless internet!) and have found that , if all goes according to plan, the Federal Government will NOT be fucking me without lube this year! I'll owe 22 bucks, but thats much better than the several hundred I've owed them in the past. Stateside, I'm getting a WHOPPING 12 dollars back. Watch out!!!

Other than that, my sad, mudane self has realized that Final Fantasy VI will be celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. Absolutely meaningless to most people, but to me, it marks more than half of my life I've spent loving all over that game.
I almost feel like I should do something special....I just dont know what. I already restarted a game, both in japanese and in english, so we'll see how far we get there. April marks the Japanese release and October the American. I'm sure that, if I did do something really foolish, it'd coincide with the american release.

15 years....where does the time go?
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Date:2009-01-21 19:17
Subject:Brief Meme
Mood: bored

Stolen from Winnie!

Thats right, i fail at tele.




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Date:2009-01-08 06:32
Subject:Just a brief little update
Mood: groggy
Well, whatever bug that tried to melt my insides on New Year's Eve seems to have almost fully passed. Though, the dinner of Ramen or Yogurt/Granola the past few nights has left me exceptionally starving...

I've been doing well in managing my free time (especially since I beat the massively funtime fanwank that is Dissidia), though I've come across a new...obsession: NERF.

See, about a week before Xmas, Winnie and I went shopping for a present and we ended up walking out of Target with a dual Nerf blaster set because we're totally 12. Well, this has now escalated out of control as Taylor, who was already a big nerf fan, has mentioned that we shoudl have a war. Ken, who shall not be outdone, went and picked up the Longshot CS-6 (think nerf sniper rifle) and now I'm getting ready to pick up a few more guns. If that were that, then we'd be ok, but being who Taylor and I are, we arent going to stop there. Taylor, because he's a Physicist in training and Kinetic/Potential energy is fun and me because, well, my raging nerditry doesnt allow me to half ass anything. Because of this...we've all been looking into Nerf Gun modification.

Sigh, I feel like such a retard. To quote Ken, "We may be learning the basics from 10 year olds, but we have the destructive tendancies and capabilities of 20 something year olds'. Oh how true that is. I've only done very basic shit thus far, like removing the air restrictors for better air flow, but I've already started doing more reasearch. Math research. As I never did take physics in HS or College ( really need to rectify that soon, maybe Skyline or something next semester) I'm at a disadvantage, but I love math so it shouldnt be too hard to pick up on. Soon, the volume of air pumped into those little foam bastards is goign to be wicked and we will have wars that will be talked about for months to come!

Other than that, I'm not doing jack shit with myself. Apparently, it really is "Nerf or Nothin' "...
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Date:2009-01-05 20:01
Subject:Random retardation
Mood: artistic
Lucky Cafe
Happy Lucky Cafe
Happy Lucky Dragon Cafe
Happy Lucky Dragon Star Cafe
Happy Lucky Dragon Star Cafe #2
Hong Kong Happy Lucky Dragon Star Cafe #2
New Hong Kong Happy Lucky Dragon Star Cafe #2
Wong's New Hong Kong Happy Lucky Dragon Star Cafe #2
Mr. Wong's New Hong Kong Happy Lucky Dragon Star Cafe #2

I do believe that monkey_junkey and I have made the longest asian cafe restaurant ever....

PS: I almost died while driving playing ping pong with this with her in the car.
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Date:2008-12-31 09:58
Subject:Failing at entertainment
Mood: creative
Honestly, I dont think that there has ever been a period of time where I've had such a massive backlog of 'things I want to do' before. And the worst part is, as I try to work on all these little things, more keep popping up!

Ok, so they're mostly video games, but still ITS RELAXATION!!

So, without further ado, I'm going to list out everything I fail at with minor comments, more for myself than for anyone else. Well...then again, you can all giggle at just how far behind I've fallen in the things that I love.

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On top of all that, I've been feeling really creative. Whether baking, drawing (which I suck at) or maybe making some Castlevania Icons (which I lack, what kind of fanboy am I?), I really need to find a way to let it out. its kind of irritating.

So thats that! I really need to lock myself in my apt and just get some of this taken care of...but its so sleepy in there. Couch...comfy....zzzzzzz
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Date:2008-12-30 22:43
Mood: amused
So, when did I become such a lame ass that I spend an hour or so looking through icon communities for a 'specific look'.

God, someone just remove my testicles already.

Date:2008-12-29 14:15
I dont post because I'm a bad person. Oh well, shoot me.

Okay, so the real reason why is because I'm a raging nerd and have had my life essentially ripped from me by lovely videogames. Dissidia, Prince of Persia, Little Big Planet, and the Castlevania series....they will not loosen their grip.

For those of you who coudlnt tell from the game listing, I am the proud owner of a PS3 now. monkey_junkey, the adorable little shoulder devil she is, conned me into it using mad crazy chinese logic. I was rather impressed and taken aback. ARENT GIRLFRIENDS SUPPOSED TO PREVENT ME FROM SPENDING LARGE AMOUNT OF MONEY ON MYSELF? :p It's mad fun, and while I'm sad I waited so long, I'm glad that I eventually got my hands on it.

Ok, thats it...umm...BYE!!!
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Date:2008-11-18 12:43
Subject:Bringing out her inner nerd
Mood: proud
I swear, it seems that the more that Marissa spends time with me, the nerdier she becomes. Sure, I understand that you kinda take on the attributes of people you spend time with, but I would have never guessed that she would take to some of my sillier aspects so quickly.

That said, she finally joined LJ (mostly because facebook and myspace are blocked and she needs entertainment). So for those of you on my flist who want to bug her.... italianjewel13. Knock yourselves out.

Date:2008-11-16 10:31
Subject:le sigh
Mood: bored
So, in my excitement for Animal Crossing: City Folk, I couldn't sleep past 930. So, I got out of bed, did some dishes, put some laundry in the washer and headed out to Serramonte to grab the game and just veg out....

....But I forgot that serramonte doesn't open until 11 on sundays. So, here I am, wandering the mall like a complete retard when my tummy tells me that it requiries nummies. Well, there IS a Marie Calendar's at the mall, and they do brunch on the weekends. Sadly, I have learned that going to a brunch alone is one of the lamest things ever. Being a solitary island amongst loads of families chatter is just plain sad. Not to mention the fact that, with no one here to talk to, I'm not exactly eating slow here. Amazing how much conversation, hell just another body, really changes the way you do something as simple as eat.

Well, I guess its time to get an omelette!
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Date:2008-11-06 07:03
Subject:Coming to a close...
Mood: determined
As much as I cant believe it, the day that I've waited for for ALMOST HALF A YEAR comes tomorrow. It's been marked on my calendar for months, and I've slowly been ticking the days away, impatiently waiting. Now, it's almost upon me and I decided to do a bit of reflection.

So, as this is the last entry with this infernal tag line, I felt it was important for me to go back and peek at the other ones. I know I missed some tags and will probably get to that at some point, but the ones that do have it showed me some interesting things. Between losing some weight (yay), moving out, coming to terms, dealing with family, realizing how lucky I am, focusing on 'the next day', etc, I can see some real progress in my life.

But, at least one of my larger concerns finally got knocked out. Hey, I'm an insecure bastard who cant quite wrap my head around the fact that people may ACTUALLY like me for who am I. I do really well faking like I'm confident and all, but in the grand scheme of things, I shat bricks everyday. Its not like I didnt have faith or anything, just nervous...like I wasnt good enough. I'm still not, to be completely honest. I really dont even know why I'm bringing this up, other than the fact that I'm horribly relieved right now.

Ok, enough being the lame, sappy, wistful girly man I can be. I've got work to do, booze to buy and lemonade to mix with said booze.

...and thanks guys, you made this way easier than it should have been.
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Date:2008-11-04 21:23
Subject:l'll be serious later....
Mood: hopeful
but in the mean time..


More later after the initial shock and awe wears off...

Date:2008-11-02 21:23
Mood: giggly

I am Deadpool.

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Date:2008-11-01 00:07


Date:2008-10-20 07:24
Subject:Admission and Realization
So, as much as I hate to admit it, I've been watching alot of baseball now. Ken did a lot of explaining, and the numerical factors in the game are rather appealing. Couple that with the fact that the ACLS was actually a series of really really interesting and high scoring games, much more enticing than any other games I've ever watched, and you'll understand why I'm a tad tempted to actually pay attention to the World Series this year....

...but nerditry comes in many forms, does it not? See, tomorrow is the ship date for Castelvania: Order of Ecclesia. And me, being the huuuuuge Castlevania nerd that I am, have been looking forward to its release for quite some time. BUT! Tomorrow is the 'preorder ship date', so my concerns lie in whether I'll actually have the game in my hand tomorrow, or whether I'll have to wait until Wednesday to get my grubby, sweaty palms on it. Either way, my adorable little pink DS will be all charged and with me tomorrow.

Should it not be available, which will be rather sad and cause much cryface, then that only leaves me one route: FUCK THE FIRST GAME OF THE WORLD SERIES ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT. While I had initially intended to play my DS and half assedly watch the first game, if I have to wait until wednesday, this will no longer be the case. MY NERDITRY WINS OVER ALL GODDAMNIT!

Ok, I'm done now. just had to vent my silly little conflicting head off. <3
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Date:2008-10-15 23:02
Subject:a small fan wank based blurb
Mood: dorky
Dear Twin Drive enabled 00 Gundam...

Please have my children.


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Date:2008-10-10 09:26
Mood: ponderiffic!
Taken from the Chronicle today:

"Urbana, Ohio - A defendant had a hard time facing the music.
Andrew Vactor was facing a $150 fine for playing rap music too loudly on his car stereo in July. But a judge offered to reduce that to $35 if Vactor spent 20 hours listening to classical music by the likes of Bach, Beethoven and Chopin.
Vactor, 24, lasted only about 15 minuets, a probation officer said.
It wasnt the music, Vactor said, he just needed to be a practice with teh rest of the Urbana University basketball team.
"I didnt have th etime to deal with that," he said. "I just decided to pay the fine."

So, I'm sitting in the break room and I come across that article. I'll admit, I'm peeved and intrigued simultaneously.

The violation was a noise ordinance. But the sentencing almost screams 'musical superiority'. Now, personally, I'm a huge fan of classical music so I dont see this as a problem. Especially after looking into Ohio state minimum wage ($6.55) and finding that he would have only made $131 had he been 'working' during those 'wasted' 20 hours.

Creative sentencing, yes. But its more the reaction that is causing my mind to...wander. It almost seems like this comes down, not to a challenge of musical tastes, but a 'time value' problem. How much does one really value their time. With our society being one of instant gratification, would it make more sense to pay the $150 and go on with your life? Or make the sacrifice of 1 hour a day sessions (I did a little research and found that yes, he would have to go to a specific place to listen to the music, but it was not noted for what length per session so I'm reaching here)?


Date:2008-10-09 08:00
Subject:Brief update while I swell with pride
Mood: Snazzy
Well, London/Dublin/Cardiff was one of the most magical holidays I've ever taken. I wont get into this too much, mostly because I'm supposed to be admitting patients (but fuck them). I think I'm still trying to find the best way to put everything into nice, digestable sections so as not to overwhelm all you silly people with an awesome overload.

Now, for those of you not familiar with 19th Ave, it is a major running through San Francisco and one of it's major intersections is 19th/Sloat. Every year, they have a pumpkin patch right at the corner with high, chain link fences. Every year, Fort Mason has their own mini Oktoberfest. Last year, I was so rip roaring drunk that, in a blaze of inspiration, got off a bus at 19th and Sloat and ended up vomiting on the hay at the corner of said pumpkin patch as a small child looked on in horror.

This year, those chain link fences, according to Ken , are 'niiiice and covered" so there would be "No more scaring chillun with vomit" to quote the young man.


<3 I love me.
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Date:2008-09-30 09:20
Subject:Leavin on a jet plane

So, Im in heathrow, waitin for my flight to board. figured I'd blow through this last quid i found in my bag and post something on this shitty comp they provide you..

For those who give a shit, I'll be home at 1:30 ish today. Oh timetravel is so nifty :p

I've had a blast and really dont want to get back to reality just yet, but alas, my bank account cries and says I must and he pays my rent....might want to actually pay attention to that bastard.

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Date:2008-09-09 02:00
Subject:Doin my best!
Well, I leave in like 14 hrs and I'm doing my damndest to stay up...but I'm failing miserably. I really dont want to sit in the living room in case I do fall asleep (I do have to be at work at 6) and I'm running out of stuff to do in my room.

Currently, I have my head phones on and am listening to Holst's - The Planets, but youtube and the interbuts are both being lame.

Sigh, these next few hours are going to be verrry verrry slow.
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