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Between Facebook, Twitter, the death of Scans_Daily, and my departure from that horrid 00 community, I find fewer and fewer reasons to log into this place.

Any one alive here?
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I'm here, if infrequent with the posting. It's getting where I just can't keep up with any of it, Facebook least of it - it's so fast, and I can't get online during the day.
Eh, I'm pretty much out of here. I don't feel like I have much in common with my LJ acquaintances anymore, and I think it's probably mutual. I could say the same about FaceBook etc, though, so maybe I just don't have much in common with anyone period. :-)
Nope. I like to zombiepost though. BRAINSSSS!
Yup! But I totally know the feeling!
Oh, I'm alive but look how many days late this is! I spend most of my time on youtube now anyway making vids. LOL.
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