Mr. Oogie Boogie (cirrisian) wrote,
Mr. Oogie Boogie

Doin my best!

Well, I leave in like 14 hrs and I'm doing my damndest to stay up...but I'm failing miserably. I really dont want to sit in the living room in case I do fall asleep (I do have to be at work at 6) and I'm running out of stuff to do in my room.

Currently, I have my head phones on and am listening to Holst's - The Planets, but youtube and the interbuts are both being lame.

Sigh, these next few hours are going to be verrry verrry slow.
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Well, I hope you were able to fit the power of sleep! Have a safe journey across the pond and I can't wait to hear all your great adventures from London!! Say "Hi" to Winnie for me!!!